Islamic Studies

The Malton Islamic Center offers Islamic classes for children between the ages of 5 – 17 every Sunday between 11am and 2.00pm


  • The introductory class consists of memorizing the ARABIC ALPHABET, learning how to properly perform WUDU and how to perform SALAAH.
  • The intermediate class consists of learning how to read the QURAAN, memorize DUAHS, perform WUDU  and learns ISLAMIC HISTORY.
  • The advanced class memorizes parts of the QURAAN, studies HADITH and learns ISLAMIC HISTORY.



Levels 1 to 5


Academic Subjects :

  • QURAAN (Recitation, Tafseer, Memorization)
  • Stories from the QURAAN

Snacks are served.


For more information or for enrollment, please contact Sister Bibi Haniff at 905 453 6943.



 Graduation 2013-2014



Thank you to all the parents and members of the community for coming out to this year’s graduation. We are very proud of all our students and look forward to seeing them on Sunday, September 7th, 2014 for the next school year.


Incase you missed it or want to watch it again we have made it available for you:  Graduation Video


Additionally, pictures of the graduation are now available for viewing and downloading: Graduation Pictures