Malton Islamic Centre 2017 Calendar
March 25th Malton Islamic Assn. Dinner – 5 pm
March 29th 1stof Rajab
April 24th
Isra & Meraj (27th Rajab)
April 27th 1st of  Shabaan
May 11th  15th of Shabaan
May 21st
Islamic Class Students’ Graduation
May 21st Food/Bake Sale for Islamic School
May 27th 1st of Ramadaan
June 22nd 27th of Ramadaan
June 25th Eidul Fitr (1st Shawwal)
September 1st Eidul Adha (10th Zul Hajj)
September 9th Malton Islamic Assn. Dinner – 5pm
September 22nd
Muslim New Year 1439 (1st Muharram)
October 1st
Aa-Shura (10th Muharram)
December 1st 12th Rabiul-Owal (Birth Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad PBOH)
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 Jumma Prayers

Friday Jumma Salaah (All year round)

The Azaan is proclaimed at 1:10pm.

The Khutba starts at  1:30pm.

The Salaah starts at 2.00pm.


 Renting the Facility

Unfortunately Malton Islamic Centre is not available for renting. Please contact Imam Shabir Haniff for more information.